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Internet Applications

The back bone of any Internet Application is its back-end, the server-side. That includes databases, security, encryption, communication. We have experience in developing and managing all server-side and client-side Internet Applications.

Online Games

We create both the client-side and server-side parts of online games and web sites featuring online games.

Banking Gateway

Banking Gateway - a product for interfacing the bank transactions between the trader (virtual shops, cash points) and banks.

Off-the-shelf products

Off-the-shelf products for secure internet access of data and applications of a certain company:

  1. - ensurance companies may offer to their customers, online services to calculate the ensurance/private pensions rates and to visualise the data from their personal accounts;
  2. - the banks may offer online banking services through which their customers can administrate their accounts and do transactions;
  3. - applications for distributive access to the databases which allow the employees of the subsidiaries direct working with the centre server of the company;
  4. - user applications for doing bank transactions at the beneficiary (real and virtual shops or any location which accepts electronic payments);
  5. - secure communication on the internet for online monitoring of security systems;
  6. - hardware and software solutions for implementing these products, including the security of networks and databases servers.


This includes buying and selling products with digital cash and via Electronic Data Interchange (an easy mechanism for companies to buy, sell and trade information)


A commercial application destined to end users through which they handle data, create queries and reports on the databases.


We provide the tools used to gather, transform, manipulate, analyze and produce information related to the surface of the Earth. This data may exist as maps, 3D virtual models, tables and/or lists.