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Permanent staff:

one chief of Software department, one project manager, two senior programmers, three programmers, two beta testers, one web designer and flash developer and one network administrator.

We also have some permanent collaborators (one senior programmer, two junior programmers and two beta testers) which can become part of the permanent staff if the amount of work requires that.


A team of 11 people with a 4 year experience in Java applications on the internet: applications servers, working with databases, bank transactions, security, client interfaces (Java applet and Macromedia Flash).

- Languages: solid experience in Java (EJB, J2EE, Servlets, AWT/Swing, JDBC, XML), UML (Together), C++ [Visual C++, C Builder], (Databases, ActiveX, multithreading, TCP/IP, Serial Communication), C compiler and assembler, Delphi, Visual Basic, Macromedia Flash MX, MX2004;

- Application Server: Orion Server, Oracle Application Server, Persistence PowerTier EJB, Macromedia JRun, JBoss;

- Database: Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SAPDB and MySQL;

- RF (Wireless) / LAN communications and protocols;

- GIS: ESRI MapObjects ActiveX, ESRI ArcInfo, AutoMAP, AutoCAD, AutoDESK;

- Project management tools: CVS

- Operating systems: Windows XP/2k/NT/9x, Linux, Solaris, MS-DOS.

Team experience:

The team worked on several previous projects which are to be mentioned below:

  • In the GIS domain (Geographic Information System) we developed the 'GeoMAPro' product, a desktop system for digital map controlling which is used in the present by the National Communications company, ROMTELECOM
  • Developing a system for coordinating and monitoring in real time the employees' activity which use computers inside a company : http://geonet.geostar.ro ;
  • Creating a software module for timestamp control successfully verified at the London and Chicago Stock markets;
  • Developing electronic equipment for the Avionics Department of the Israelian company - Elbit Systems (Romanian subsidiary) - "Missile Firing Control System", "Shipping Navigation Transponder" and "Automatic Vehicle Location System" projects.
  • Designed the laser game system. Essentially a wearable computer, integrating multiple technologies: digital radio communications and protocols, infrared communication, lasers, battery power management, etc.
  • Designed electronic equipment for Romanian market: Specialised printer for stock exchanges, 19200 bauds radio modems, Microsystems for taxi cars, Low noise amplifiers, etc.

The team is also able to rapidly adapt to various IT projects, others than those already mentioned.

Main Project

The main project ISA Net Software is now completing is for the English company RAL interActive Ltd, which was founded at the request of the RAL Ltd Company and of the slots machine manufacturers.

The purpose of this request was that of extending on the Internet the services offered in the gambling domain. The RAL interActive Ltd company thought ISA Net Software S.R.L. to be the most appropriate partner for developing some specific modules integrated in an 'Aces' owned system, which was the server for an Internet casino (one of the most used systems on the Internet).

Shortly after the start of the collaboration, the English company considered that it is better to extend the tasks for the Romanian company in order to completely develop the server part (the main module of the project). The project had a huge success and starting from June 2001 one can play on the site for cash (online bank transactions with credit cards and cheques).

The project parts, which have been developed by the Romanian company ISA Net Software S.R.L. in a chronological order, are:

  • the client - server communication module (the link between the server and the games from browser);
  • the design of the database architecture and specific modules for the server of each game;
  • the module for the clients' control (registration, status modification, bank transactions, profiles, etc.);
  • the module for controlling the internal system (used by the internal users, managers and administrators);
  • the module for sending emails to the clients;
  • the module for bank transactions; to establish interface with the online payments provider, 'Barclays' (http://www.secpay.com);
  • the module for load balancer and failover between cluster nodes;
  • in the present time we develop the third version of the server which will improve communication between cluster nodes, response speed and suplimentary functions for customer relationship management;
  • in parallel we started developing games in Macromedia Flash, which will be run in the client's browser.

Another important project is SQL4Net - an own application which consists in an engine for the internet applications servers, ensuring the following things:

  • handling the data from any database in security conditions;
  • assuring the access rights of different categories of users;
  • creating queries and reports on the internet;
  • the application scalability and stability by forming a cluster nodes, ensuring load balancing and failover so that the server to well respond to heavy data requests traffic and, to ensure functioning 24 hours a day in critical conditions.