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   ISA Net Software

  - short history -

  ISA Net Software S.R.L. was founded in September 2000 in Pitesti, Romania by Mr. Nicu Pristoleanu, former Chief of Software Department at GeoNetSoft S.R.L., actually head programmer at ISA Net Software.

  The company is currently developing and providing software services. The main project is for the English company Cyberslotz Plc., which was founded at the request of the RAL Ltd Company and of the slots machine manufacturers.

  ISA Net Software S.R.L. managed to obtain and develop a successful collaboration with a British company, proving that it can produce software compatible to the western standards.

  Based on this successful experience and to the fact that for the next period of time we will assure only the maintenance of the products, which means that we are available for new tasks, we consider that it already exists the proper conditions to further develop the activity, trying to find new software projects.


RAL Ltd.

Originally part of the Rank Organisation RAL is a young innovative company operating in the Gaming sector of the European Leisure Industry.

Cyberslotz Plc.

Cyberslotz offers state-of-the-art security measures together with fair and innovative Internet betting and entertainment.

Geoter Proiect

Romanian company specializing into GIS software and topography.